TOUGH CUSTOMER “Darlene” 7″ – out now!

Tough Customer cover art

TOUGH CUSTOMER “Darlene” 7″ out now on Sweet Rot!

Vancouver’s Tough Customer are Kat, Claire, Katie and Ben. “Darlene” is their debut 7” and we couldn’t be happier with the results. All four songs kill it in the song-writing department with post-punk influenced rhythms taking centre stage while the two guitars lay down some sometimes sparse/sometimes wailing back and forth interplay and all four members take turns singing. Taking influence from the best of the UK DIY greats the band also took the production into their own hands with superb results. Comes on the patented thick/textured die-cut sleeve this time with some sick silk-screened cover art as well as a nice poster insert. 300 copies. Upcoming month long US/Canada tour with Puzzlehead. For fans of Raincoats, Kleenex, Long Blondes, Talking Heads, Cindy Lauper, Petticoats, etc.

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PUSTOSTANY “2012” LP – out now!


PUSTOSTANY “2012” LP out now on Sweet Rot/POUeT! Schallplatten

Pustostany was a one-off side project from Wroclaw, Poland’s post-punk/no-wave band Kurws and vocalist Maciek Salamon (Nagrobki, Gowno). The 8 songs on “2012” have lurked in the deep dark annals of the internet for a while and turned a few heads in the process including those of the misanthropes at Sweet Rot and France’s POUeT! Schallplatten who have teamed up to release this beast on vinyl. Probably the most loud and punishing and dare I say “punk” release on Sweet Rot even though there are massive amounts of harsh electronics to be found. For fans of Teledetente, SIDA, Dow Jones and the Industrials, etc. Download code included.

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All European orders please contact POUeT! Schallplatten.

MEERCAZ & THE VISIONS “Get Muzzled” LP – out now!

meercaz cover

MEERCAZ & THE VISIONS “Get Muzzled” LP out now on Sweet Rot!

Sweet Rot is back with the 2nd full length from one of America’s most under-rated bands. Meercaz is the brainchild of Oakland’s Muslim Delgado who has released a handful of proto-punk gems over the years on labels as diverse as Gulcher, Night People, and Tic Tac Totally (plus a quite fine single on Sweet Rot if you don’t mind me saying so). This time Muzz has kept the thug-punk Gizmos/Twinkeyz-esque foundation of past Meercaz releases but upped the glam and pop factors a fair bit to come up with a set of 11 songs that’ll please fans of bands like The Hammersmith Gorillas and Coloured Balls and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Songs like “Hey Mover”, “Linda Lee”, “Kate Actually” and “Wild With Me” are total hits and are by far the catchiest songs the band has written to date. Muzz is joined on these recordings by Terry Six (Exploding Hearts) on drums. Absolutely killer cover art courtesy of Mac Blackout. Download code included.

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DREAMSALON “Soft Stab” LP out now!


DREAMSALON “Soft Stab” LP out now on Sweet Rot!

Sweet Rot and Dragnet Records have teamed up for “Soft Stab” the impressive 2nd LP from Seattle’s Dreamsalon. If you’ve been paying attention to the NW rock underground of the past decade or so, you’re likely familiar with the names Min Yee, Matthew Ford and Craig Chambers who have collectively played in bands like Evening Meetings, A Frames, Intelligence, Le Sang Song, Factums, Yves/Son/Ace, etc. and together they’ve crafted a set of songs that will please fans of their earlier work as well as earn them new ones. The nine songs of “Soft Stab” have a little bit more of a sinister edge to them compared to their great debut LP “Thirteen Nights” and this sharpened attack is evident both in the songwriting and the production. All of these songs have the classic, locked-in, repetitive, booming Yee bass lines, paired with Ford’s seemingly-loose-yet-actually-tight distinctive drumming style while Chambers guitar work varies from reverbed-out pick scratching, to wailing feedback, to straight ahead driving punk. 9 songs. 500 copies. Download card included. Recorded in Seattle at MRX by Matt Stegner. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk.

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NERVE CITY “Asleep On The Tracks” LP out now!


NERVE CITY “Asleep On The Tracks” LP out now on Sweet Rot!

In January 2010 Sweet Rot released our first LP which was the debut long player by Nerve City. Nearly four years later we are extremely pleased to be releasing the 2nd Nerve City LP, “Asleep On The Tracks”. In the years since the debut, front-man Jason Boyer has been busy traveling, touring, moving from Virginia to Florida, and writing an impressive amount of songs. The best of these were selected and recorded in late 2012 with a full band at Memphis’ Electraphonic Recording. The earlier Nerve City releases (including records on Sacred Bones, Hozac, and Kill Shaman) garnered a lot of positive attention from the likes of Terminal Boredom and Negative Guest List for Boyer’s knack to channel the classics like the Velvet Underground, JAMC, and The Troggs and to couple those influences with his distinctive and haunting blown-out home-recording techniques. And although no one will mistake “Asleep On The Tracks” of being anything other than a Nerve City record, the full band/studio production really adds a new element to the band’s sound and highlights more than ever Boyer’s ability to write a great fucking song. We couldn’t be happier to continue our relationship with one of our favourite artists. 330 copies. Silk-screened sleeves.

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SOLID ATTITUDE 7″ + SIDA 7″ – out now!

Got 2 new singles out just in time for summer!

Some hectic Midwestern punk from Iowa City’s Solid Attitude and more French weirdness from Strasbourg’s SIDA.

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Sweet Rot is extremely pleased to announce the release of 3 new titles that we couldn’t be happier with – the fantastic debut LP of Seattle’s Evening Meetings (members of A Frames, Love Tan, Factums, Le Sang Song, etc.) as well as killer singles by Cheap Time and Lamps. Head over to the store page for more info and check out songs from each release on our Bandcamp page.

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