DREAMSALON “Soft Stab” LP out now!


DREAMSALON “Soft Stab” LP out now on Sweet Rot!

Sweet Rot and Dragnet Records have teamed up for “Soft Stab” the impressive 2nd LP from Seattle’s Dreamsalon. If you’ve been paying attention to the NW rock underground of the past decade or so, you’re likely familiar with the names Min Yee, Matthew Ford and Craig Chambers who have collectively played in bands like Evening Meetings, A Frames, Intelligence, Le Sang Song, Factums, Yves/Son/Ace, etc. and together they’ve crafted a set of songs that will please fans of their earlier work as well as earn them new ones. The nine songs of “Soft Stab” have a little bit more of a sinister edge to them compared to their great debut LP “Thirteen Nights” and this sharpened attack is evident both in the songwriting and the production. All of these songs have the classic, locked-in, repetitive, booming Yee bass lines, paired with Ford’s seemingly-loose-yet-actually-tight distinctive drumming style while Chambers guitar work varies from reverbed-out pick scratching, to wailing feedback, to straight ahead driving punk. 9 songs. 500 copies. Download card included. Recorded in Seattle at MRX by Matt Stegner. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk.

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