SRR-36 NERVE CITY “Asleep On The Tracks” LP


In January 2010 Sweet Rot released our first LP which was the debut long player by Nerve City. Nearly four years later we are extremely pleased to be releasing the 2nd Nerve City LP, “Asleep On The Tracks”. In the years since the debut, front-man Jason Boyer has been busy traveling, touring, moving from Virginia to Florida, and writing an impressive amount of songs. The best of these were selected and recorded in late 2012 with a full band at Memphis’ Electraphonic Recording. The earlier Nerve City releases (including records on Sacred Bones, Hozac, and Kill Shaman) garnered a lot of positive attention from the likes of Terminal Boredom and Negative Guest List for Boyer’s knack to channel the classics like the Velvet Underground, JAMC, and The Troggs and to couple those influences with his distinctive and haunting blown-out home-recording techniques. And although no one will mistake “Asleep On The Tracks” of being anything other than a Nerve City record, the full band/studio production really adds a new element to the band’s sound and highlights more than ever Boyer’s ability to write a great fucking song. We couldn’t be happier to continue our relationship with one of our favourite artists. 330 copies. Silk-screened sleeves.


Rifle Of Peace
Maverick Motel
Nothing Nothing
Raise A Glass
Fall Away

Sydney’s Problem
A Few Things
The Old Dominion
Lone Wolf
Taper Off
Poor Son

Release Date: November 2013

Pressing Info:

1st press: 330 on white


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