MEERCAZ & THE VISIONS “Get Muzzled” LP – out now!

meercaz cover

MEERCAZ & THE VISIONS “Get Muzzled” LP out now on Sweet Rot!

Sweet Rot is back with the 2nd full length from one of America’s most under-rated bands. Meercaz is the brainchild of Oakland’s Muslim Delgado who has released a handful of proto-punk gems over the years on labels as diverse as Gulcher, Night People, and Tic Tac Totally (plus a quite fine single on Sweet Rot if you don’t mind me saying so). This time Muzz has kept the thug-punk Gizmos/Twinkeyz-esque foundation of past Meercaz releases but upped the glam and pop factors a fair bit to come up with a set of 11 songs that’ll please fans of bands like The Hammersmith Gorillas and Coloured Balls and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Songs like “Hey Mover”, “Linda Lee”, “Kate Actually” and “Wild With Me” are total hits and are by far the catchiest songs the band has written to date. Muzz is joined on these recordings by Terry Six (Exploding Hearts) on drums. Absolutely killer cover art courtesy of Mac Blackout. Download code included.

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