Los Angeles band Lamps has been one of our favourites here at Sweet Rot for a while. This single, their first release in a couple of years, solidifies their place as one of the best angry punk bands in America. Title track “All Seeing Eye” is a two minute romp that finds Lamps at their catchiest, while the flip “G.B.D.” (an alternate mix of a song to be found on their upcoming “Under the Ground Under the Water” LP on In the Red Records) is perhaps the bands most punishing and sinister song yet with its five minutes of pure aural torture. Enjoy.

Listen to “All Seeing Eye”


A: All Seeing Eye
B: G.B.D.

Release Date: August 2012

Pressing Info:

1st press: 500 on black


From Terminal Boredom (Rich Kroneiss):
New record from thee Lamps for the first time in a long time, and as usual Monty and crew come with a great looking and sounding record. I’m gonna review it in reverse, as I think the B-Side is the better cut (but hey, I could be wrong). “G.B.D.” is 100% RDA approved dumb throb-n-pound-o, with some oscillator or ring modulator noise accompanying, sounds malicious and determined to at least bruise you, if not do something more hurtful. Monty’s vocal seem like the declarations of a man lost inside this trap. A wonderfully punishing tune. “All Seeing Eye” is actually pretty upbeat, especially for a song whose title sounds rather paranoiac. Maybe that’s the rub. Monty sounds like he might be singing with a latex mask on, but one without a mouth-hole. It’s a Lamps pop tune, like they’re trying not to be mongo, but they just can’t help revealing themselves. I keep thinking of one of those pictorials in Famous Monsters or whatever, with Frankenstein holding a bouquet of flowers. You can dress them up, but you can’t take them out. or something like that. Shit, this song is pretty good too…Welcome back Lamps, I missed you. Scum stats: 500 copies.

From Yellow Green Red:
While we’re all patiently waiting for the next Lamps full-length to drop, Sweet Rot stepped in to give us another taste of Los Angeles’ least-favorite rock group. “All Seeing Eye” sounds familiar, maybe from a live show or something, or maybe because it jumps between two notes that other Lamps songs have probably used as well. It’s a real boneheader, especially when Monty Buckles just kinda “uhh-uhhs” along with the melody and you find yourself pogoing involuntarily. “G.B.D.” is a bit more sinister, pounding one note like a handicapped Mayyors while some sort of Star Trek phaser goes off in the background, almost calling to mind a particularly unsophisticated take on Clockcleaner’s Babylon Rules sound. Cool single, certainly worth adding to the stack, but I have no doubt that it’s the next Lamps full-length that is really gonna leave its greasy mark across our stereos. Next month, fingers crossed?

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