SRR-38 SIDA 7″


Sweet Rot’s Strasbourg series continues (after releases by The Anals, A.H. Kraken, The Feeling of Love and Teledetente 666) with the debut 7″ by SIDA. You could make the case that each of the four songs here has elements of the aforementioned bands but SIDA clearly have their own thing going on with the bordering on tribal drumming, the subdued synth, the strong female vocals, and the sometimes droning/sometimes no-wavy guitar all expertly recorded by (who else?) Seb Normal. The 7 minute a-side track “Apollo 13” is a lurching, hypnotic jammer that the word “epic” was invented for. The flip side has three shorter blasts, some rhythmic and glammy, some freaked out and noisy. 300 copies with some seriously great cover art on the usual deluxe Sweet Rot style sleeve.

Listen to “Apollo 13”


A: Apollo 13
B: Budokai
Mighty Max

Release Date: June 2013

Pressing Info:

1st press: 300 on black


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